Considering inter alia the draft Report from the Consultants on the “Study on the Technical Solution for Maritime Communications for Lake Victoria”, SOLVE plans to design and build a SAR organisation on Lake Victoria.

The project will be carried out in co-operation with a telecom company, ERICSSON TELECOM COMPANY, the East African Community (EAC) and national authorities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The telecom company will be responsible for the designing and building of the communication system for the Lake Victoria region. The communication network will be built with extended range capabilities and will also contain an alarm centre in order to manage distress calls (a SOScentre).

The SAR organisation is envisaged to, among other things, use the communication network, the SOS-centre, and include a MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) as well as to deploy operational maritime SAR units based at different locations around LV.

SOLVE will, itself or through appropriate authorities or players in the region, organise, operate and administrate the SAR organisation as well as the operational units and their readiness. Concerning the rescue boats see item 9 (below).

The project is estimated to run for a long time with a view to – when appropriate – gradually turn over the SAR organisation to regional and/or national authorities. The first five years will be dependent on funding from foreign aid. The funding would then gradually be transferred to fees from commercial stakeholders in the LV region (shipping companies, fisheries, tourist organisations and, for improvement of air safety SAR, also major airports). 


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