Due to an organisational change, the Swedish Armed Forces are phasing out a type of Rescue boat (SRC 90 E). They were originally purchased for transportation of wounded soldiers and sailors. Some of the SRC 90 E, are already serving in as rescue boats in The Swedish Sea Rescue Society. In 2005, SOLVE received a preliminary offer from the Swedish Armed Forces to take over 16 of the Rescue boats, free of charge, for use in LV. A condition for the offer was that Sida (the Swedish International Development Authority) approve the offer. Regrettably this has not been done. Hence, the boats now have been transferred to different institutions in Sweden. At present there are 6 rescue boats remaining.

In order to improve the situation concerning rescue operations on the LV SOLVE is now looking on other possible solutions such as:

• building rescue boats in shipyards around LV. These boats must be cheap to be able to be bought for the fishermen, their cooperatives and unions. The boats must be able to take part in all kinds of rescue operations on LV

• actively looking for rescue boats in different parts of the world in order to be able to recommend procurement by regional and/or local authorities around LV

Other important measures in order to improve sea safety for the lakeside population are:

• training and education of fishermen working on LV

• finding cheap and suitable lifejackets for fishermen

• improving existing fishing boats in order to prevent them from sinking due to overload