The maritime training should contain basic training, basic maritime training and higher maritime training and education.

The project will be carried out in co-operation with the EAC (East African Community) and national authorities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, DMI (Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute) and SUMATRA (Safety and Maritime Transport Regulatory in Tanzania).

Concerning fishermen, the training will be carried out in cooperation with regional and local authorities as well as the owners of the fish factories. The training must be developed together with the fishermen themselves, their unions and associations.

Training of the officers and crews of the ships has to be carried out in cooperation with the shipping companies and the authorities in the ports as well.

The project is estimated to run for a long time with a view to – when appropriate – gradually turn over the training organisation to regional and/or national authorities. The first five years will be dependent on funding from foreign aid and donors. The funding would then gradually be transferred to fees from commercial players in the LV region (shipping companies, fisheries and tourist organisations). Some parts of the basic safety training program will probably have a component of foreign aid for a very long time.

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