Lake Victoria has not had a proper hydrographic survey since 1906. This has been the cause of many accidents and it is thus of particular importance also considering the recent low water levels in the lake. SOLVE is able to assist regional and national authorities in prioritising areas for hydrographic surveying as well as formulating requirements and managing of independent procurement of the surveying activities.

A Swedish maritime surveying company has offered to do a pilot survey of some of the ports. All ports need to be surveyed so the authorities can get a firm basis to decide whether a port should be dredged or enlarged. The preliminary tender from the Swedish surveying company contains three ports including printing of nautical paper charts as well as electronic charts. The three ports being discussed are Port Bell, Kisumu and Mwanza.

The surveying company is “Marin Mätteknik (MMT) from Gothenburg in Sweden.MMT has made a fact finding mission in the area in February and March 2006. Their tender implies that MMT will, for the cost of surveying one port survey all three ports mention above. SOLVE has good connections with various companies which can offer lighthouses, buoyage systems and other navigational marks for the lake.

For the fishermen there is a certain issue of great importance. They need to know where the shoals and the sunken stones are in order to avoid them when they are putting out their fishing nets.



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