Svenska Kyrkan - Church of Sweden

The Church of Sweden is a national church, open to everyone living in Sweden regardless of nationality. It is a place for church services, meetings and dialogue.

NIR - Näringslivets Internationella Råd

International Council of Swedish Industry.


We provide accessible quality products that bring light powered by solar energy.


WHAT WE DO - Just add sun. Solvatten is water treatment and solar water heating in one. It prevents people from falling sick and improves the quality of life.

Evangelical Lutheran Church Tanzania North Western Diocese

The History of the North Western Diocese dates back to 1886 when the local residents who where traders brought new faith in the northern parts of Bukoba from Uganda and began preaching the Gospel.

EAC - The East African Community Secretariat

East African Community - One people, One Destiny.

Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL) - Tanzania

The company that operates ferries, cargo ships and tankers on three of the African Great Lakes, namely Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Nyasa.

EarthWise Ferries

We now run two high-tech catamaran fast speed fibre glass vessels on LakeVictoria. MV Amani operates in Kampala from Portbell while MV Bluebird based in Tanzania operates between Mwanza North Port and Bukoba Port.

Safety Management System Sweden AB

an experienced and well-established company providing Human Factor analysis and training. Our vision is to radically improve operational safety via increased Human Factor awareness and competence.

Destination Finland Seaside Kb

STAY - EATING OUT - TO DO PACKAGES in the Archipelago of Finland. Join Sport fishing, sailing, kayaking, hiking and excursions to the Archipelago National Park.


Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering.

Marin mätteknik AB

ett mätföretag specialiserat på högupplösande sjömätning för industrins och försvarets behov.

Swede Ship Marine

a shipbuilding group with a wide technical competence.

EABC - East African Business Council

Apex Body of Business Associations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania.

EAC - The East African Community Secretariat

East African Community - One people, One Destiny.

Svenska Ambassader i:

- Dar Es Salaam, Kampala and Nairobi:

LVFO - Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization

Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization.

SIDA - Styrelsen för internationellt utvecklings samarbete

Sida, är en statlig myndighet som arbetar på uppdrag av Sveriges riksdag och regering för att minska fattigdomen i världen.

SSRS - Sjöräddningssällskapet

Svenska Sällskapet för Räddning af Skeppsbrutne.

Tanzania - The United Republik of Tanzania

Embassy of The United Republik of Tanzania in Sweden.

UN HABITAT - United Nations Human Settlements Programme

UN-Habitat is the United Nations programme working towards a better urban future.

WMU - World Maritime University

Global centre for advanced education, training and research for specialist personnel from the international maritime community.

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